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LGBT Family Law

While LGBT family law is a relatively new area of practice in Florida, the Arcaro Law Group has remained committed to providing every client who comes through our doors with the same level of top-notch service, regardless of their sexual orientation. An LGBT Family Law Attorney will be educated on the unique circumstances members of the LGBT community face daily and will be equipped to guide the client through the legal process with the same ease ad is expected under any other circumstances.

From filing for divorce to obtaining marriage agreements, our office in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is conveniently located to assist with any matters of family law that we are presented with. LGBT Family Law may require a specialization many firms do not have, but you will find unrivaled levels of compassion and professionalism when working with our team of experienced attorneys. For over a decade, the team of attorneys at Arcaro Law Group have honed their skills both in and out of the courtroom and are ready to apply those skills to this new frontier of family law.

With the new legal status of LGBT marriage, there are also precedents to be set for divorce in the same category. While the area of law may be unfamiliar to other firms or staff in the courtroom, we take pride in our ability to assist and educate those around us as we work. By enlisting the help of an LGBT Divorce Attorney, you can rest assured that you will be aided by a degree of professionalism and up-to-date education that will maximize your chances of a favorable outcome after your case.

After the divorce procedures have been completed, there is also the matter of custody to contend with. As family dynamics shift and the outdated picture of the nuclear family fades, you should expect your LGBT Family Law Attorney to be familiar with the nuances and challenges that come along with it. Whether attempting to adopt a child, gain custody, or modify a previous agreement, Arcaro Law Group remains an excellent resource with a glowing record of success over the last decade.

With a history of partners in the firm advocating for LGBT rights and the rights of those associated with the community, you can rest assured you will be treated with the respect and validity you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional service and caring collaboration.

Regardless of the family law issue you face, when you seek the assistance of the seasoned and knowledgeable team at Arcaro Law Group, you will be met with the pinnacle of legal service in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The first step in your journey is contacting our office to schedule an initial consultation. We will discuss your unique circumstances and your goals in resolving the matter you face during this meeting. From there, we will establish a plan and explain the best route to take in the near future. TO begin your LGBT Family Law journey, contact our offices as soon as possible.

Handling Numerous Cases for LGBT Families

LGBT family issues have grown in prominence with the legal recognition and protections provided by the U.S. Supreme court. Same-sex marriage is now legal in all states and so too same-sex divorce. Each client regardless of sexual orientation, is entitled to competent representation in family law cases. The Arcaro Law Group can provide that representation given our long history of experience in doing so.

Representing Same-Sex Families in Divorce & Marriage

Arcaro Law Group has represented clients from all walks of life. We understand the unique challenges that same-sex couples face and how Florida family law may apply to their unique situation. Whether you are drafting a marital agreement in preparation of marriage or divorcing your spouse, we are here for your family no matter what the circumstances.

We can provide effective and knowledgeable guidance for many issues affecting same-sex families, including:

Our experienced Fort Lauderdale family law lawyers have each worked with clients from the LGBT community. Timothy Arcaro played a significant role in the fight for recognition and advancement of legal protection for HIV children in foster care and the right of homosexuals to adopt children in Florida. In his role as Next of Friend in 2001 Federal lawsuit, Lofton v. Kearney, Tim was the legal representative for foster children seeking to be adopted by Steven Lofton, the children’s lifelong caregiver. In his decade commitment to the Lofton case, assisted the family in finding stability and protection from governmental threats to remove the children.

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