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Divorce & Domestic Violence in Fort Lauderdale

While domestic violence is a crime usually dealt with in criminal court, its presence in someone’s life and relationship can also impact divorce and other family law matters. At Arcaro Law Group, our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys have extensive experience handling divorce and divorce-related matters involving abusive relationships and accusations of domestic abuse. If you are in an abusive relationship and you are seeking a divorce, or if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence by your former spouse, we can help.

What is Domestic Violence?

In an intimate or familial relationship, domestic violence is defined as abuse by one partner against another. The motive for domestic abuse is usually one of control and intimidation but the execution of it can take many forms. Domestic violence using physical force may include pushing or shoving, hitting, sexual assault, or grabbing. Domestic abuse can also be implicit in nature, seeking to break the victim into submission out of fear.

These tactics may include:

  • Stalking
  • Intimidation
  • Involuntary isolation
  • Withholding money
  • Physical violence
  • Threats of physical violence against the victim or the victim’s loved ones
  • Name calling
  • Other types of emotional abuse

If you are seeking a divorce from an abusive partner, the first thing you can do is to seek an injunction from the state of Florida, also known as a restraining order. This will provide you with safety and time to prepare for your divorce proceeding, as well as work in your favor when it comes to alimony, child custody, and child support. Find a safe place and call our firm as soon as possible. We can be your advocate and help you through the process, which can protect you, your children, and your future.

Compassionate & Experienced Legal Representation

At Arcaro Law Group, we have helped countless clients resolve family and divorce matters for more than a decade. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys have been practicing family law for nearly four decades combined, and have extensive hands-on knowledge of cases involving child abduction and other sensitive matters. You can trust us to fight for you and your family until the very end.

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