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When a marriage between two people ends, it is more than just the end of a relationship. For many spouses, the end of a marriage relationship also means the end of their normal means of financial support. It is not uncommon for one spouse to provide the primary income while the other stays home or works part-time in order to support and care for the children. Alimony is a type of post-marital financial support provided by the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse for a length of time in order to ease the transition. It is intended to provide the receiving spouse with the time needed to adjust to a new financially independent lifestyle.

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What Kinds of Alimony Are There in Florida?

Alimony payments are determined and negotiated during divorce proceedings, often through a mediator or by the court during a hearing. Many factors help determine the amount and duration of alimony payments, with a special emphasis in Florida placed on the length of the marriage. In order to obtain an award of alimony, the spouse must demonstrate economic need and the other spouse’s ability to pay alimony.

Types of alimony awarded in Florida divorces include:

  • Temporary Alimony: This is strictly for the duration of the divorce proceeding and will be terminated as soon as a formal divorce agreement is reached. Temporary alimony is often replaced by another type of alimony.
  • Bridge-the-Gap Alimony: This is transitional alimony awarded to the receiving spouse in order to meet any current or foreseeable expenses associated with adjusting to a post-divorce lifestyle.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: Some individuals find a need to return to school or undergo professional training in order to jumpstart a career and become self-supportive. Rehabilitative alimony is awarded in order to help the dependent spouse reach self-sufficiency.
  • Durational Alimony: Often awarded in cases of a marriage that lasted fewer than 17 years, durational alimony is a predetermined amount for a specified duration of time, which will not exceed the length of the marriage.
  • Permanent Alimony: Permanent alimony is generally reserved for dissolutions of marriages that lasted seven years or longer where the court determines that the receiving spouse is unable to achieve the standard of living set during the marriage. Permanent alimony is awarded to maintain that standard, but terms may later be appealed in the instance of a major life change for one or both of the spouses involved.

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