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Major Life Change? Learn About Modifications to Divorce Agreements & Court Orders

At Arcaro Law Group, we know that life is constantly changing. Some changes can have a major impact on divorce agreements, which is why our divorce attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are prepared to help you adapt to changes by seeking divorce modifications when the need arises. Divorce modifications are available for certain major life events. Let us help you discover what options are available to you.

When Can Divorce Agreements Be Modified?

At the time of a divorce decree, specific family court orders are made with the understanding that, at some point, there may be significant changes that would necessitate revisions to the agreements.

Modifications can be sought to custody orders, child support payments, alimony payments, or visitation rights. At Arcaro Law Group, we have extensive experience seeking modifications to divorce decrees for clients through the appropriate legal channels.

Reasons for a divorce agreement modification may include:

  • Relocation of one of the parents due to an employment opportunity
  • Discontinuation/adjustment of alimony due to receiving spouse’s remarriage
  • Employment changes allow for increased time with/care of children
  • Loss of employment makes it difficult to make current alimony/child support payments
  • Children reach adult age and child support payments are no longer necessary

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There are many other scenarios in which a divorce modification may be appropriate. Seeking divorce modifications will require a series of legal steps to properly demonstrate the need for change and detail the actions to be taken. With the help of an experienced legal professional from Arcaro Law Group, you can get the adjustment you need with minimal complications and conflicts.

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