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Over the past several years, Florida divorce laws have changed significantly. For example, the state now refers to divorce as a dissolution, and the couple is not required to prove fault. In some cases, this helps expedite the proceedings and can facilitate an uncontested divorce.

Couples may file for an uncontested divorce if:

  • They both want to dissolve the marriage
  • They agree on how to divide assets and liabilities
  • They have decided if, how much, and for how long alimony is necessary
  • They have determined parental time-sharing, responsibility, and child support

Although you and your former spouse may have reached agreements on these important issues, it is still highly recommended that you both retain separate legal counsel to ensure the divorce is completed properly and fairly.

Benefits & Challenges in an Uncontested Divorce

As the name may suggest, uncontested divorces usually don’t involve any major conflicts between the separating parties. The proceedings often take place in out-of-court settlement negotiations with both spouses and their legal representatives.

Benefits of an uncontested divorce may include:

  • Lower court costs
  • Faster resolution
  • Less hostility and stress

While a divorce may begin uncontested, it is not uncommon for the couple to find that they no longer agree to one another’s predetermined marital settlement. In this case, the attorneys will work with one another and with their clients to attempt a negotiation, but if matters escalate, an uncontested divorce may end up in a courtroom to litigate important matters. At Arcaro Law Group, our divorce attorneys in Fort Lauderdale have been guiding clients through uncontested divorce proceedings for more than a decade. We will do everything within our power ensure a smooth divorce for you, but we are prepared to go to court to fight for fair and satisfactory marital settlement.

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