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On a personal level, divorce is never easy. In legal terms, however, some divorce cases may be simpler or more complicated depending on the size of marital assets involved in the potential settlement. In a high net-worth divorce, the couple in question is likely an affluent and successful pair of individuals who wish to separate legally and personally. If this is where you find yourself, our divorce attorneys in Fort Lauderdale have the hands-on experience you need. At Arcaro Law Group, our legal team has been practicing family law for more than 35 years combined and has completed extensive research and training in this specific area of law.

Can I Protect My Assets in a Divorce Process?

Couples in the midst of a high net-worth divorce face unique challenges regarding the division of marital property and assets. Florida’s laws on divorce mandate that marital property is divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. What this means is that the court may determine what is fair in the case at hand and will make judgments on the division of property based on that determination.

Because of what is at stake, a high net-worth divorce can easily become heated and hostile. That’s why it is critical to have strong legal counsel on your side from the beginning of the process.

An experienced attorney can help to protect you from:

  • Inaccurate or insufficient asset valuation
  • Hidden assets or property
  • Underreported income
  • Hidden stock transfers
  • Hidden equity in recent purchases (antiques, precious metals, etc.)

In addition to ensuring that the other side is being open and honest about their share of marital property and assets, our experienced divorce lawyers may work with tax experts, real estate professionals, forensic accountants, and others to ensure that you receive a fair and satisfactory settlement. At Arcaro Law Group, we believe that you deserve comprehensive, capable legal representation so that you can focus on healing and moving on after your divorce.

Arcaro Law Group

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