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Tarpon River Drama: What Happens When Fort Lauderdale Divorces Go Sour?

Are you dealing with a difficult separation or divorce in Tarpon River, Fort Lauderdale? Do you know how quickly Divorce can turn dramatic? Call an Arcaro Law Group family lawyer today if it does!

Beside the lazy twists of the river and hidden among the quiet parks and lively bars of Tarpon River, an undercurrent of unhappiness drags under too many young couples and families each year. Despite everything this Fort Lauderdale neighborhood has to offer, it cannot solve the problems that tear families apart, sometimes in incredibly hurtful and destructive ways.

As experienced family law attorneys, the Arcaro Law Group’s lawyers have seen it all and know just how quickly things can degenerate. That is why they are reaching out to warn Tarpon River residents of the ways divorce can go sour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Not because it will, but because it might, and when divorces do go dark, the better you understand the warning signs, the faster you can contact an attorney and take action.

How Likely Are Dire Problems During Divorce In Tarpon River?

While divorce might not seem like a looming threat for most couples, unhappiness can simmer for a long time under the surface. Tarpon River couples are no exception. Fort Lauderdale’s Broward County has among the top 5 highest divorce rates in the state, and Florida is already well above the national average (ranked 6th highest last year).

Not every divorce leads to drama, of course. Some are handled perfectly peacefully, with no misbehavior whatsoever. While such divorces are not unheard of, you should never assume your situation will be conflict-free. All it takes is one misstep for a divorce to devolve into conflict and a long, drawn-out battle.Worse still, one spouse will sometimes use the appearance of a peaceful divorce to conceal the much more drastic steps they are preparing to take.

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Three Ways Divorce Can Turn Sour In Fort Lauderdale

Family Law Lawyer, Tarpon River (Fort Lauderdale), FL

While families will break and shatter differently, some divorces leave a lot more broken pieces behind, especially when there are children or high-value assets involved. Like each couple, each divorce is unique, but patterns of problematic behavior arise, and you could all too quickly find yourself in one of these alarming situations.

Starting with the most obviously dangerous, yet all too often undisclosed.

What Can You Do About Abusive Behavior Leading Up To Or During Divorce?

Tragically, separation tends to deepen existing tensions in a marriage or relationship. It can lead to one partner trying to hold on too tight, becoming angry or even physically abusive. Worse, this behavior will all too often be invisible from the outside.

Other family members might not believe you, and you may begin to feel like you have nowhere to turn in Tarpon River. Fortunately, this is one area the law is clear on, and a family law attorney will help you navigate the additional complications and risks during such a divorce.

Whether that means helping you secure a restraining order from the court or pursuing that injunction through to a rapid child custody ruling to make sure your children are safe as well, we can help.

It is important to resolve your child custody situation quickly, even when things seem peaceful because they can turn dramatic fast.

What Happens If My Ex-Spouse Takes Our Child Out Of The Country?

Perhaps among the most dramatic and devastating steps that can be taken during or after a divorce, sometimes a parent will take their child with them to another country. This can happen without warning, as a spouse sometimes prepares for months for what is, in essence, a kidnapping.

This sort of international child abduction is a nightmare scenario for Tarbon Bend parents. It can happen overnight and leave you feeling helpless and isolated. Fort Lauderdale law enforcement, even Broward County court, may not be able to help at all.

Family Law Lawyer, Tarpon River (Fort Lauderdale), FL

Fortunately, this sort of case is one of Arcaro Law Group’s specialties, and we have worked on such cases in over 20 countries. Our deep knowledge of this specific area of international law and the Hague Abduction Convention, which governs it, puts us in a unique position to intervene and help you get your child back should this occur.

We prefer, however, to work with you ahead of time to make sure it never happens.

Never Sign A Deal Without Fully Understanding What You Are Agreeing To!

Perhaps the most pernicious type of drama in a divorce is the kind you never see coming. A divorce can have every appearance of an amicable and peaceful separation, right up until the moment you sign away essential rights or assets in an agreement you did not understand.

Some spouses will use the appearance of peace and your inherent trust to try to seize more than their fair share, or worse, rights over your children. The worst part is you cannot see it coming without the help of an experienced lawyer to review the documents and agreements at every step of the Florida divorce process.

So if your partner ever tries to tell you not to reach out to a lawyer, saying things like “we don't need to do that after all we have been through,” consider it a red flag and contact one immediately.

Keep Your Divorce Clean And Fair With Tarpon River Attorneys

Florida’s Arcaro Law Group works closely with recently divorced individuals and families that are going through a divorce in Tarpon River, Fort Lauderdale, to ensure their rights are protected during divorce.

Are you considering getting a divorce? Have you been through one only to have it take a turn for the worse? You are not alone; thousands of families have been through the hardship of divorce in Tarpon River, and when things go sour, they can count on the divorce lawyers of the Arcaro Law Group to have their backs.

Give us a call right away at (954) 546-7280 before your divorce takes a dramatic turn to ensure your rights, assets, and children are protected throughout your Fort Lauderdale divorce.

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