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Getting Through Divorce In Sailboat Bend, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Are you facing a divorce in Sailboat Bend, Fort Lauderdale? You do not need to do it alone. Family law attorneys at Arcaro Law Group are ready to help you understand and get through this trying process.

Sailboat Bend is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Fort Lauderdale, which means that, over the years, it has seen a lot of couples come together and fall apart. Nestled in the heart of Broward County, which has the 5th highest divorce rate, a state already ranked 6th highest in the country, Sailboat Bend witnesses more than its fair share of breakups and family breakdowns.

Despite its frequency, divorce is always intimidating and daunting. You never think it will happen to you…until it does, and suddenly, you do not know what to expect, what to do, or what the consequences of your actions will be.

Fortunately, Sailboat Bend residents can count on Fort Lauderdale’s Arcaro Law Group, whose Florida family law attorneys and lawyers will accompany you throughout the trying duration of your divorce while making sure you understand the process and your rights at every step along the way.

What Will My Sailboat Bend, Florida Divorce Look Like?

Every family is unique, and as a result, so is each divorce. Every separation will have different stakes, contexts, emotions, and legal hurdles to cross. Fortunately, there are common themes that emerge, helping you anticipate what the end of your marriage might look like in the short, medium, and long term.

At every stage along the way, from your initial filing of the divorce papers with the Broward County clerk to the last spousal support payment, seemingly small errors can send the entire process spiraling into expensive conflict. That is why it is vital you understand what to expect and have family law attorneys at your side.

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Step One: Filing For Divorce In Sailboat Bend, Fort Lauderdale

Family Law Lawyer, Sailboat Bend (Fort Lauderdale), FL

In movies and on TV, divorce papers always seem to come as a surprise to one partner. While under rare and extreme circumstances divorce papers can still be filed “in secret”, such strategies are exceedingly rare and often counterproductive.

Notification of divorce, while very much a legal obligation, is rarely likely to come as a complete surprise. When it does arrive, however, no matter how surprising, it is important to keep your cool, contact an experienced attorney, and begin planning ahead.

Better still is to anticipate the possibility and work with both your spouse and your attorney to prepare for a smoother and conflict-free divorce process. Doing so will help make the subsequent steps easier for everyone involved.

Step Two: Reaching A Divorce Agreement In Florida

Once the filing has begun, divorces tend to gather a very real momentum of their own, and it is quite rare for the process to stop. No matter how much you might want it to. Instead, you must face it, communicate clearly and make informed decisions with the help of your attorney.

It is during this second phase of resolution that the most important decisions will be made. This is not always easy, however, as emotions can be raw and tensions high. Nevertheless, procedures like mediation can do wonders to help you and your soon-to-be-former spouse reach a common agreement on all of the following vital aspects of the divorce:

  • Dividing up your assets, property, and debt,
  • Determining child legal and physical custody rules,
  • Reaching an agreement on visitation or shared custody timetables,
  • Settling an amount for alimony/spousal support.

Each of these could become a source of contention with a long, drawn-out court battle to finalize, or they can be resolved through straightforward negotiation and amicable agreements with the help of your respective family lawyers. Whether you or a judge makes the final decision, however, the divorce process is hardly over, even once the final agreement has been signed.

Step Three: Dealing With Divorce Over Time In Sailboat Bend

Family Law Lawyer, Sailboat Bend (Fort Lauderdale), FL

Regardless of how long it took to reach your final divorce agreement, the divorce process will not fully be over for years, if not decades. The aftermath of the divorce is an ongoing situation, in stasis for most of the duration, which can suddenly rear its ugly head to become a central part of your life once more.

Our lives change, after all, and no one can predict what life will bring. It is easy to predict, unfortunately, that divorce will make those changes more complicated, especially if you have children.

Without children, the only aftermath you might be looking at in Sailboat Bend is an ongoing series of spousal support payments (though even these are not set in stone, and requests to change them can be made with the help of an attorney).

With children involved, however, especially minor kids, changing jobs, moving towns, or leaving the state and country can all become far more difficult. Nevertheless, with the guidance of an experienced attorney to help you and your family through the process, divorce will never be the weight holding you down but the door to your new life.

Take The Reigns Of Your Sailboat Bend, Fort Lauderdale Divorce

The Arcaro Law Group has decades of experience and expertise helping individuals and couples in Sailboat Bend and Fort Lauderdale navigate complicated divorce procedures and their aftermath. 

If you are unsure what to expect in your divorce, have been in denial about the entire procedure, or are even now dealing with the aftermath of a difficult or poorly resolved divorce in Sailboat Bend or anywhere in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our team of family law attorneys can help.

The sooner you get on the phone with us, the sooner we can help you through your specific situation.

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