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Your Trusted Resource For Family Law Services In Pompano Beach, FL

Facing a legal challenge that involves your family? Let us guide you through the process.

When a legal issue arises involving your family, the stakes are high, and emotions can run hot. Every decision you make can have a lasting impact on your life and the future of your loved ones.

Whether you are ending a marriage, celebrating a new beginning, or simply planning ahead, it is crucial to understand your rights and options. By working with an experienced family lawyer, you can feel confident that your family, home, and future are protected.

The family law attorneys at Arcaro Law Group focus solely on family law matters, so we have a deep knowledge of the many complex legal issues involved. We pride ourselves on providing the Pompano Beach, FL area with skilled and compassionate family law services geared toward achieving the best possible results. With over 35 years of combined legal experience, we have been trusted by countless individuals and families to handle life’s most important matters.

What sets our firm apart is our commitment to personalized service. We understand that your needs and circumstances are unique and require customized solutions. As a result, our attorneys will take the time to listen to your story so that we can develop a legal strategy that fits your individual needs.

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What Types Of Cases Can A Family Lawyer Near Me Handle?

Your Trusted Resource For Family Law Services In Pompano Beach, FL

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal services aimed at resolving issues related to familial relationships and domestic matters. Whether you are celebrating a joyous life event or facing unexpected challenges, a family law attorney is equipped to provide legal advice and representation in a variety of situations including:

Marriage And Relationship Planning:

  • Drafting and negotiating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect your assets and set financial expectations before and during marriage.

Divorce And Separation:

  • Guiding you through the process of a contested or uncontested divorce, whether it involves executing an amicable agreement or advocating for you during contentious litigation.
  • Ensuring equitable property division, meaning that all marital assets and debt are divided fairly.
  • Determining eligibility for spousal support (alimony) and negotiating favorable payment arrangements.

Child Custody and Support:

  • Calculating appropriate child support payments and enforcing existing court orders.
  • Advocating for parental rights to legal and physical custody and making arrangements that prioritize what is best for the child.
  • Establishing visitation schedules that are fair and in the best interest of the child.

Domestic Violence:

  • Obtaining restraining orders to prevent an abuser from contacting their victim or coming near their home, school, or place of work.
  • Providing legal representation in civil and criminal court proceedings for victims of domestic violence.


  • Ensuring that legal requirements are met and providing legal guidance throughout the adoption process, whether it involves an agency or private adoption.
  • Assisting stepparents in legally adopting their spouse’s children.

Child Abduction:

  • Working with courts and agencies in different locations to seek the safe return of a child who has been abducted by a non-custodial parent.

Other Family Law Matters:

  • Establishing legal paternity and the related rights and responsibilities.
  • Seeking modifications to existing court orders, such as custody, support, or visitation orders.

Arcaro Law Group: Your Partners In Family Law

Your Trusted Resource For Family Law Services In Pompano Beach, FL

Don’t face your family matters alone. Get the legal guidance and support you need to feel confident in moving forward.

If you are searching for a family lawyer near me in Pompano Beach, FL, Arcaro Law Group is your trusted local resource for excellent legal service. Our legal team is comprised of skilled negotiators and talented litigators who have the extensive knowledge and experience needed to get the results you deserve.

Because your family is so important to you, it’s not hard to see why family law matters can quickly become overwhelming. Let us put our skill and experience to work so that you don’t have the unnecessary burden of dealing with legal pressures alone.

Family law involves a wide array of complex and sensitive legal issues, and the outcome in your case can affect your life for years to come.

Call us today at 954-546-7380 to get started with a personalized legal strategy so you can feel confident that your family is in good hands.

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