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Facing Family Conflict In Fort Lauderdale? Call The Arcaro Law Group.

Do you need a compassionate family lawyer who will fight for your rights? When your marriage is falling apart, The Arcaro Law Group is here to help.

It can be heartbreaking to deal with family court, the struggle of divorce and custody battles, and grappling with the immense and difficult changes on the horizon. Your family’s entire routine can change in an instant – and during these challenging times, it is essential to have solid legal support.

Arcaro Law Group has over 35 years of experience practicing marital and family law. We know the families that live in neighborhoods like Hendricks and Venice Isles – and we are prepared to fight for your family like it is a part of our own.

What Kinds Of Cases Does The Arcaro Law Group Handle?

Court cases can be incredibly draining. There is a true sense of injustice when you feel that your family's livelihood is at stake. There is also the inevitable feeling of guilt many parents feel no matter what the outcome is. Our goal is to assist you discretely and effectively during these difficult times so that you can go back to focusing on what matters most.

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Family Law Attorney, Hendricks And Venice Isles, FL

Of course, there are many different types of cases that go through family courts in Florida. Some feel more serious than others, but those who don’t believe they need an attorney often end up getting one after being backed into a corner.

Sometimes, hiring an attorney can make a problem feel more real, but it is never a good idea to wait until the last minute. You should contact an attorney whenever an issue, dispute, or separation looms. Even if you don’t end up with an attorney representing you, the legal guidance you receive can give you an advantage and ease some of your fears.

Our firm is prepared to assist clients in a wide range of family court cases, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Father’s Rights
  • International Child Abduction
  • Domestic Violence
  • LGBTQ Family Law Issues
  • And many more

My Divorce Is Amicable. Do I Still Need An Attorney?

It can be easy to look out over the pristine waters of Fort Lauderdale and be optimistic – even about something as difficult as divorce. In fact, many couples don’t feel the need to have an attorney if they agree on most of the big or little issues they will need to decide.

However, the reality is that feelings often change. It’s perfectly normal and completely understandable. But when they do, having an attorney to make sure the outcome is equitable and serves your family’s best interests is essential.

Family Law Attorney, Hendricks And Venice Isles, FL

Even if you and your spouse seem to be agreeing on absolutely everything in terms of your divorce, having a neutral party review that agreement and make sure everything is above board, and no one is being taken advantage of or left behind is vital.

Additionally, the court system can be overwhelming and, at times, challenging to navigate. With an attorney, it’s much easier to keep the common goal of an amicable divorce at the center of communication.

Attorneys Timothy Arcaro and Laura M. Arcaro bring the perfect balance of discipline and compassion to the delicate family law cases of even those most exclusive Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods. If you are considering divorce or are already taking the first steps, our team is here to get you through to the other side as painlessly as possible.

Arcaro Law Group: Your Fort Lauderdale Family Is Our Family

No family should suffer through the legal process alone. Find the support you deserve with Arcaro Law Group.

It can be challenging to accept the possible changes that result from a family court case. But with the support and guidance of an experienced and dedicated legal team, you can quickly settle into your new normal. With over thirty years of experience in family court, Arcaro Law Group is prepared to answer your questions and calm your fears.

Ready to meet your new legal team? Give us a call at (954) 546-7280 to set up a consultation. At Arcaro Law Group, your family is our family.

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