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Every parent's worst nightmare is being cut out of their children's lives. That may seem a dramatic take, but it is the grim reality for many families across the country.

Often, when marriages don't work out, battles for custody, funds, and assets ensue, pitting parent against parent and putting children squarely in the midst of it all. While outside agencies can make every effort to get parents to see eye to eye for the best interests of their children, some individuals will only see their children as bargaining chips.

Arcaro Law Group has over 35 years of experience practicing and teaching law. During this time, we have litigated many child custody cases, both domestic and international. We have a unique perspective, having served the diverse communities in Harbor Beach, FL and abroad.

You don't have to face the tricky landscape of child custody alone. With our experience and knowledge, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

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If My Ex-Spouse Has Custody Of Our Child, Can They Move Overseas?

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There are a few details to understand when considering child custody agreements. There are different forms of custody in Florida.

First, if you and your ex-spouse have joint custody, neither of you can just up and move without the other's knowledge.

Furthermore, physical custody is separate from legal custody and refers to where the child(ren) spends most of their time. Whomever the child spends more nights with is considered the custodial parent.

Florida typically pursues some form of joint legal custody. Clients of Harbor Beach, FL, can rest assured that the Florida courts want what is in the children's best interest.

Any time a parent seeks a custody agreement change, the parties must go back to court. Having an experienced attorney to argue your case is very important, especially for a parent wanting to move their children overseas, presumably away from the other parent.

As a parent, you have rights, even if you don't have full legal or physical custody. Arcaro Law Group is experienced in these cases and can consult you in any changes you seek going forward.

Does Paying Child Support Give Me The Upper Hand In Custody Agreement Changes?

A parent's obligation to pay child support is an obligation of the child(ren), not the other parent. All custodial agreements in Florida consider each parent's financial situation, with the main focus being what is best for the children.

Any parent paying child support is fulfilling the financial obligation to care for and support that child. This does not mean that a parent can change custody agreements simply because they are paying money—that the child would need, regardless of the parent's marital status.

Remember, child custody agreements are legally binding contracts. Parents who violate them face very harsh consequences and heavy fines.

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Often, this is overlooked as some parents are required to pay child support, believing this gives them some advantage over the other parent. Harbor Beach, FL, courts require mandatory mediation as a step in all custody cases. The main goal is to preserve the family unit despite the dissolution of the marriage.

Arcaro Law Group's beliefs closely align with that of Florida courts. We pride ourselves in helping you fight these difficult cases, so your family has the best possible outcome. While it is always challenging to negotiate custody cases, it is not impossible to remedy the situation with agreement terms that satisfy both parents and benefit the child(ren).

Arcaro Law Group: Serving Our Harbor Beach, FL Clients For Over 35 Years

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Are you facing a complicated custody dispute in the Harbor Beach, FL, area and aren't sure of your parental rights? Arcaro Law Group has the tenured experience to help develop a plan of action.

With our guidance and support, we can litigate on your family's behalf to get the best custody agreement possible. You never have to fight alone for your parental rights. Call Arcaro Law Group at (954) 546-7280 to schedule a consultation.


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