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If you are a father seeking rights to visitation and custody of your children, you may be overwhelmed by the process ahead of you, or you may believe the legal system will automatically favor the mother. Florida law presumes both parents to be appropriate caregivers for their child regardless of gender. The United States Supreme Court has provided constitutional protection to fathers that promptly come forward to parent their children born outside of marriage. Arcaro Law Group has helped countless father’s step forward to assert their rights in court to parent their children. We know that over the last several years, the state of Florida has made a push to include both parents more fully in custody arrangements. It has even changed the terminology it uses from custody and visitation to parenting time, time-sharing, and parental responsibility. Our skilled and knowledgeable family lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can help ensure your rights as a father.

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When it comes to parental responsibility for a child, the primary goal is the child’s well-being. While most parents can agree to prioritize their children’s needs, the court has traditionally deemed mothers to be the more practical custodial parent. Our attorneys will work with you to show that you, as a father, are entitled to time-sharing and parental responsibility with your child.

To demonstrate this, we may show that you:

  • Provide a safe and stable home environment
  • Are involved and offer a supportive relationship
  • Are actively involved in your child’s school, recreation, and friendships
  • Provide consistent financial support
  • Are an overall positive and necessary influence in your child’s growth

If you believe that your rights as a father are being unfairly diminished, or you are seeking to learn how you can appeal for custody of your children following a recent divorce, contact our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys at (954) 800-2880.

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