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Helping Secure Financial Support for Your Children

More and more frequently parents are deciding to have children outside of marriage. These children are entitled to the financial support of their parents which includes health insurance and other necessary expenses. When non-marital relationships break down, it’s frequently necessary to establish child support and timesharing. This is frequently done though a Paternity lawsuit where a parent can legally establish all rights flowing from the parent child relationship.

When married parents decide to divorce, their children are also strongly impacted. While in many cases a divorce may be healthier for children than living with married but hostile parents, it can also be very disruptive. In order to ensure that a child’s quality of life is as unaffected as possible by the divorce, Florida law requires child support payments to be included in the final divorce agreement. Arcaro Law Group has more than 35 years of combined experience practicing family law and can help answer your questions about current or potential child support payments.

How Much Child Support Will I Receive or Be Expected to Pay?

While this question can’t be answered directly without a conversation between you and a family law attorney, there is some general information regarding child support that might help you better understand what lies ahead. Child support is usually determined at the same time or directly following the determination of parental responsibility. The court uses predetermined state standards to begin calculations.

How Is Child Support Determined in Florida?

In Florida, determining child support is a multi-step process that includes:

  • Determining the net income of each parent
  • Utilizing the Florid Child Support Guideline to identify the presumptive amount of child support required to support the child
  • Determining the number of nights the child will spend with each parent on an annual basis
  • Dividing the projected costs between the two parents according to their incomes

The process of determining child support is conducted by the divorce court according to Florida Child Support Guidelines, found in Florida Statute 61.30.

Experienced & Compassionate Representation from Arcaro Law Group

For many divorcing couples, prioritizing the needs of their children is one matter they can agree on, but that does not always mean they agree on how to meet those needs. Because of the complicated and often heated nature of child custody and support hearings, it is important for both parties to have strong legal counsel looking out for their best interests, rights, and financial needs. For experienced legal representation in your corner at child support hearings, contact Arcaro Law Group today.

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